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Animal Adoption Application

Download our Animal Adoption Application with the link below.

Animal Adoption Application

Pet Identification

The primary identification for dogs and cats is their TAG worn on their collar. All other I.D. is considered secondary.

  • 95 % of the lost pets found without a tag DO NOT get home !
  • 95 % of lost pets found with a tag DO get home
  • A lost pet's BEST ticket home is a tag worn on its collar.

Please check the Available Services page for information on the secondary identification options that are available through our department.

Changes to Standards of Care Laws

The following changes were added 10-23-2018 by Bill No. 18-4. The full list of Animal Control laws and regulations is available here.

Tethering. If an animal is tethered by a restraint, excepting periods of time that are brief and incidental, the restraint shall be not less than fifteen feet in length and positioned to prevent tangling, hanging or drowning. Chain shall not be used as a restraint. Neither chains, ropes, nor choke collars shall be accepted as collars for a tethered animal. There must be at least a one-inch space between the animal's neck and the collar.

Suitable shelter. An animal shall have suitable shelter if left outdoors and unattended. An animal shall be brought inside a home or building within thirty minutes of the onset of and during unsafe weather conditions, unless the animal has continuous suitable shelter. The owner of an animal that is not kept within a home or building shall provide the animal with suitable shelter to protect it from wind, snow, rain, cold, sunlight and unsafe weather conditions. The shelter shall have a floor, a roof, and four walls, one of which shall contain a doorway. The space available to the animal in the shelter shall be maintained in a safe and healthful manner, free of standing water, waste, debris, fecal matter, protection from flooding, provided with adequate ventilation to allow the animal to remain dry and maintain a normal body temperature and exposure to natural or artificial light. The floor shall not be wire or chain link. No interior surfaces shall be metal. The shelter shall meet the minimum size requirements as listed below:

Suitable Shelter by Weight of Dog
Number of Dogs 25 Pounds or Under 25 to 50 Pounds Over 50 Pounds
1 3 x 7 (21 square feet) 6 x 10 (60 square feet) 8 x 10 (21 square feet)
2 4 x 8 (32 square feet) 8 x 10 (80 square feet) 10 x 10 (100 square feet)
3 5 x 9 (45 square feet) 8 x 12 (96 square feet) 10 x 14 (140 square feet)
4 8 x 10 (80 square feet) 10 x 12 (120 square feet) 12 x 16 (192 square feet)

Shade. If an animal is left outdoors and unattended and the forecasted weather is eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit or higher, the animal shall be provided shade, either natural or man-made, at all times. Under no circumstances shall an animal shelter be considered shade.

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