Meeting Files Archive

Date Meeting Type Agenda Packet Packet 2 Minutes Video Link
Police Accountability Board 101923_PAB_Agenda.pdf
Board of Zoning Appeals 101223_BZA_Agenda.pdf
Board of License Commissioners 092023_BLC.pdf
Commissioner Meeting 091923_Agenda_0.pdf 091923_Packet.pdf
Board of Zoning Appeals 091423_BZA_Agenda-REV.pdf
Technical Review Committee 2023.09.13_TRC_Agenda.pdf 091323_TRC_Packet_0.pdf
Commissioner Meeting 090723_Emergency_Meeting.pdf
Planning Commission 090723_PC_Agenda.pdf 090723_PC_PACKET.pdf
Commissioner Meeting 090523_Agenda.pdf 090523_Packet.pdf
Board of License Commissioners 081623_BLC.pdf