Air Quality Within Normal Ranges in Vicinity of Snow Hill Feed Mill Plant

Snow Hill, Maryland (May 21, 2024) – The Worcester County Fire Marshal’s Office (WCFM) and Department of Emergency Services (DES), along with Snow Hill Volunteer Fire Department personnel are closely monitoring efforts by Tyson officials and an independent contractor to extinguish a fire contained within a grain solo at the Tyson Feed Plant in Snow Hill. This is a multi-day project, and residents are likely to detect an odor caused by the burning corn. Though this odor may be unpleasant, Tyson officials have contracted with an independent monitoring firm that has confirmed that air quality within Snow Hill is within normal regulatory limits and will continue to be monitored for community, environment, and health concerns.

“We have reviewed the air quality test results, which reflect that all readings are within normal ranges,” WCFM Matt Owens said. “However, like any form of smoke, those who are sensitive to air quality conditions may wish to limit outdoor activities.”

Suppression of the fire is underway. The primary method for fighting this type of contained fire includes the use of nitrogen to displace oxygen and smother the fire. The use of fire hoses would be limited to any grain that may still be smoldering once removed from the silo.

“The mayor and town council of Snow Hill have been deeply involved in the situation at the Tyson feed mill from the beginning and have strongly pressed for assurances that the health and safety of our residents is at the forefront of all considerations and actions,” Town Manager Rick Pollitt said. “We have confidence that the emergency is being properly managed and that on-going testing for air quality and traffic safety is among the highest priorities. We understand that, as the corn product is removed from the silo, there may be additional concerns about smoke and odor and ask everyone to use common sense when in the immediate area. All of the appropriate agencies are involved, and they continue to stress that public health and safety is not at risk.”

Learn more about smoke and air quality in general by visiting the Maryland Department of the Environment at and Air Now at

The SHVFC, WCFM, and DES will continue to work with Tyson to keep the community safe and informed.