Quality Assurance Program

In November of 2014 the County Commissioners approved a Quality Assurance Program (QAP) which requires the building owner and/or tenant to guarantee the fire protection systems for their property are consistently tested, inspected, and maintained. The Fire Protection QAP is administered by the County's Fire Marshal's Office. The QAP may use a third-party vendor data collection agency approved by the County Comissioners.

In March of 2015 the Commissioners approved a company named Brycer, LLC who operates "The Compliance Engine" (TCE), a web-based data collection system for all fire protection systems required for the County's QAP. Additionally, the County Commissioners, set by resolution, a fee of $35 per system annually, with the exception of commercial kitchen hood supression systems, which will be submitted semi-annually. This recording fee is charged by a Fire Protection Company (contractor) performing code compliant inspections, testing, and maintenance to insure that owners and tenants receive the proper services from the contractor and companies who install, test, inspect, and perform maintenance for fire protection systems.

The County's Fire Marshal's Office will no longer accept contractor or Fire Protection Companies mailed or e-mailed forms. All reports for test certificates and deficiency repair forms must be logged using TCE. It is the responsibility of the contractor or Fire Protection Company to collect the $35 fee and pay Brycer, LLC, who will in turn reimburse the County a portion of the QAP fee. The $35 per system fee may be passed on to the owner or tenant by the contractor or Fire Protection Company, but may not be increased or marked up above the set price by the County Commissioners (currently $35).


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