Electrical Registration

The Worcester County Electrical Board consists of seven members who operate pursuant to § BR 2-201 of the Worcester County Code of Public Local Laws.  Each member’s term is for a period of three years.  The Board has twelve scheduled meetings a year on the second Tuesday of the month or as deemed necessary. The main function of the Board is to regulate the registration of electricians in Worcester County.  The Board prepares exams for Inspectors and Electrician Limited for testing. The exams are updated with the National Electric Code (NEC). The Board reviews and approves applications for persons wishing to take an examination to obtain a registration.

The Board reviews applications for electricians to register in Worcester County as well as those who are eligible to obtain a local registration through reciprocity with either the State or another County. 

To renew your Worcester County Electrical registration, or to register as an electrician in Worcester County, please click on the link below.

Electrical Registration and Renewal Application

Electrical Permit information

Electrical permits are $25.00 and must be inspected by one of the following inspection agencies that have been approved by the Worcester County Commissioners:


First State Inspection Agency
1001 Mattlind Way
Milford, DE 19963

Email: fsia@verizon.net

Phone: (302) 422-3859 
Fax: (302)422-4270



American Inspection Agency                           
PO Box 66
Frankford, DE 19945

Website: www.americaninspectionagency.com
Email: info@americaninspectionagency.com

Phone: (302) 732-6900


 United Inspection Agency, Inc.
 716 N. Bethlehem Pike, Suite 300
 Lower Gwynedd, Pa. 19002
 PO Box 3121
Ocean City, MD 21843                

Website: www.unitedinspectionagency.com
Email: khawke@unitedinspectionagency.com

Office: (410)656-8114
Cell: (610)639-7988


For more information please contact Debbie Mooney at 410-632-1200 X2020