Community Emergency Response Team

CERT Training

Residents of Worcester County need to be aware that during and after a large emergency, local responders may become overwhelmed with the numbers of calls for assistance. To aid local residents in helping themselves and their neighbors the Worcester County Department of Emergency Services sponsors CERT also know as Community Emergency Response Training. The program, which is 3-hours per class, one day a week for seven weeks, gives instruction in the following;

  • Overall emergencies that we face in Worcester County
  • How to properly use a fire extinguisher on small fire
  • Emergency first aid training
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Hazardous materials in the home, light search and rescue and take home exam.
  • The National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  • Review of take home exam and presentation of certificates

Anyone interested in obtaining more information on CERT training may contact the Department of Emergency Services (410-632-1311).