Radio Services

Radio repair form
* Please note that the radio repair process has changed as of May, 2017. See the form for updated submission instructions.

Worcester County operates an 800 Mhz P25 Digital trunked radio system designed and built Harris Corporation in 2016. The system utilizes 6 simulcast tower sites, 3 more than the previous radio system.  The P25 system provides clear radio communications for not only the County's public safety agencies but also most of the other county departments. Technology in the system allows for Worcester County units to seamlessly operate between the county system and a similar Harris system in Ocean City .  In addition, with the P25 interoperable platform, the new system will be able to integrate with the State of Maryland 700 MHz system and Wicomico County's P25 Motorola system.

800 MHz Frequencies

  • 855.96250
  • 856.46250
  • 857.46250
  • 857.7125
  • 858.4625
  • 858.71250
  • 859.46250
  • 859.71250
  • 860.46250
  • 860.71250

VHF Paging Frequencies

  • 155.100 (Fire/EMS Dispatch)
  • 155.865 (Fire & EMS working talk group repeater)