Shoreline Construction Notices

The Natural Resources Division of the Department of Environmental Programs is responsible for all aspects of the Shoreline Construction process. These responsibilities include the intake, review, and approval of applications during the beginning stages of the project and also subsequent permitting and inspections duties that occur during the construction and/or installation of improvements to ensure they are completed in accordance with their approved plan and building standards.

As a part of the Department’s review process, once an application is determined as being complete, notification letters are distributed to neighboring properties and also made available for public viewing on this webpage. Adjoining property owners and general public are given a 15 day period in which to provide written comment to the Department. Upon the conclusion of the 15 day comment period, the Department or Approval Authority will review any received comments and then make a final determination based upon the following considerations:

• Environmental Impact
• Navigational Impact
• Recreational Potential
• Commercial Benefit to Worcester County
• Impact to surrounding neighborhood and property values
• Such other matters as the Department and Approval Authority consider germane

Listed below are applications that are currently open for public comment. For more information regarding the process or for any additional information please contact Joy Barrs or David Bradford at 410-632-1220 ext. 1161 or 1143.